Monday, October 4, 2010

Sara Alfred The Famous and Energetic Newscaster of Pakistan

Sara Alfed is Geo Tv Newscaster and Considered as most famous Pakistani newcaster. She is lot more than a newscaster as she is impressing thousand of pakistani people with her style and Beauty.She is the best,, no doubt she leaves everyone behing with her beuty and skills…Hats off to her for her input in the world of News!Sara Alfred is the most seasoned Anchor of the industry, the way she read news is really adorable,,, her accent is also excellent,, there is clarity in all her words,,her work is really appreciable,,keep it Up!
The Beauty wid the Brains...Ppl love her for her excellent appearance on screen the most beautiful women on earth! When she speaks flowers bloom, she is gotta a sweet voice. I still remember sarah’s blooper where she is on geo tv news for good 3-4 minutes with technical difficulties on set. She is so scared n blushing, priceless look on her face was so adorable hehe awww its ok u were wonderful sarah . u kept cool and kept brushing ur hair :) ur made in heaven sarah.She Has worked wid Geo Tv as Main anchor,,Then Dunya tv,,then hosted Hum sub umeed say hein and then she moved back to Karachi from Lahore and joined Aaj tv..There are so many Videos of her on Youtube..She is not just HOttttTT,,SexxxxY,,Beautifuuuul but Best in her Work as well..The lady is really growing well in her Profeesional life..
I read her Interview once in a magazine where she mentioned:
Her Favourite Colour: Black..Blue Green and Red
Her Favourite Outfit: Casual and Trendy
Her Favourite Place: Paris,,Spain and Thailand
Her Asset: Her Skills
Words about Family: Everything to her
Words about her friends: Her energy and Treasure
Her favourite Food: Desi
Her Favourite Day: The Chutti day or the day out wid friends
Hobby:Music and reading Books
Her Siblings:2 Sisters and 1 Brother,,she's the eldest
 If she woudn't have been anchor then?  : May be Doctor then

Infact, Sara Alfred is delima, in the soul part of believing, the Sparta intriquing of sparkling echo towards viewrs…. she is marvelous but marvelous, behind her inner beauty...Love you Sara